Between the Lines

Between the Lines

About the "Between the Lines" blog

Our latest exhibition "Between the Lines" reflects our response to the commemoration of the 1914-18 conflict.

This blog will focus on stories behind the work by the E.A.S.T artists as well as looking at other artistic and cultural commemorations around the UK that relate to WWI.

Women at war

Artist storiesPosted by Janette Mon, October 06, 2014 18:56:10

Women, stitching and flowers could be considered the themes of two more EAST artists for Between the Lines -

Embroidered postcards – an economic opportunity and a hark back to Victorian sentimentality. Delia Pusey’s work looks at what was a cottage industry in Belgium during WW1, but is also inspired by the poem Adlestrop by Edward Thomas (1878-1917). Thomas only took up poetry in 1914 and sadly died not long after he had arrived in France, at the battle of Arras in 1917. The title of the poem is the name of a small village in Gloucestershire, and the poem recalls an uneventful train journey that stops at the station of the village, providing a moment of calm listening to the sounds of nature.

Adelstrop has another history – perhaps the complete opposite to a link with WW1. It was the home village of the Leigh’s, relatives of author Jane Austen. Events and characters from some of Austen’s novels may have been inspired by letters and visits to the village -

My work (Janette Bright) also looks at women and the First World War, and how stitching, gardening and theatre all played their part. Focusing mainly on three women – Lady Smith-Dorrien and her Hospital Bag Scheme, Lena Ashwell and how she brought Shakespeare to the Front and Mrs Grieve whose knowledge of herbal medicine was vital when pharmaceutical supplies were limited, I have considered how a simple object like a bag can tell a big story.

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