Between the Lines

Between the Lines

About the "Between the Lines" blog

Our latest exhibition "Between the Lines" reflects our response to the commemoration of the 1914-18 conflict.

This blog will focus on stories behind the work by the E.A.S.T artists as well as looking at other artistic and cultural commemorations around the UK that relate to WWI.


Artistic and cultural eventsPosted by Janette Sun, March 01, 2015 17:11:48
Many visitors to the BETWEEN THE LINES exhibition at Braintree Museum have commented on how much they have enjoyed looking at the workbooks.

We know ourselves how useful, and enjoyable it is to see how artists developed their ideas. Here are a few snippets of some of the pages on display, with pages by Ellen Devall (top left), Tricia (top right), Liz (bottom left) and June (bottom right).

The exhibition continues until Saturday, 14th March 2015 - the exhibition will be taken down at 2pm on that day so don't leave your visit until the last minute.

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