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This blog has been set up for members of EAST to post information about what is happening in the group and in their work.


EASTPosted by Carol Mon, February 16, 2015 12:49:08

At our February meeting we had a great time with a design 'playday' led by EAST member Libby Smith. The concept was to take an object, deconstruct it into as many parts as possible and then use these parts both as drawing and printing tools. The decision on what and how to do was completely randomised by the throwing of dice. The general idea being to DO rather than THINK.

It was great to welcome our 2 new members Felicity and Jennie, a great way for them to get to know us better and break the ice.

As you can see from the photos chaos was enjoyed by all.

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Reflect and look forward

EASTPosted by Janette Mon, December 08, 2014 16:33:33
December is usually the month when the East Anglian Stitch Textile members get together not only for our annual meeting, but also a social get-together at the start of the festive season - and so we did on Saturday. It was a time both to reflect and to look forward.

This year has been a particularly hectic one as we came to the end of working on our "Between the Lines" pieces and got ready for its first public viewing. WWI was not always an easy starting point but everyone rose to the challenge and the reviews received made us realise that it was a theme worth pursuing.

As always we had the support of friends and family, some of whom went beyond the call of duty and who we called on for help in setting up, taking down and stewarding at the Knitting and Stitching Shows in London and Harrogate. Special thanks to them all.

The work is now all safely back from Harrogate and stored away ready for the exhibition's relaunch at Braintree District Museum, Braintree in Essex on the 10 January 2015. Other venues are already booked in Cirencester and Snape and other possible locations are being researched.

While "Between the Lines" carries on the group members are starting on new bodies of work. Some have ideas developed from their individual WW1 themes. Others will be trying something completely new. It is a time for thinking about possibilities, developing ideas and trying new techniques. No title has been decided but we will announce it in due course.

Next year is a special one for E.A.S.T as we celebrate 20 years as a group and I am sure we will try to mark such an important milestone later in the year.

The E.A.S.T members wish all our supporters the very best for the festive season and look forward to sharing both our current work and new ideas with you over the coming months of 2015.

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Between the Lines blog

EASTPosted by Janette Tue, August 05, 2014 15:01:52
The new EAST exhibition Between the Lines will launch at the Knitting and Stitching Shows in London and Harrogate (October and November of 2014). This exhibition has taken as its starting point the 1914-18 conflict and members of the group have research a variety of different aspects of this Great War such as personal family histories, the effect on landscape, poetry and literature, the home front, and soldier's experiences.

For the Between the Lines project there is now a separate blog set up which will give extra information about the research behind the EAST artists' work for this new exhibition, as well as reporting on national cultural and artistic responses relating to this commemoration.

Visit the EAST "Between the Lines" blog and sign up for updates by clicking on the RSS logo at the top of the page.

Updates will also be posted on our EAST Facebook page.

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Dyeing Day

EASTPosted by June Wed, June 18, 2014 10:51:09

A day of dyeing, why does black always turn blue!!

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Website update

EASTPosted by Janette Mon, June 09, 2014 15:21:45
The East Anglian Stitch Textile (EAST) website has been updated. I hope you like the new look. Hopefully there are no broken links or errors but if you spot one let me know - secretary@easttextile.co.uk.

And don't forget to Like us on Facebook.

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Marking Time

EASTPosted by Carol Wed, April 09, 2014 12:55:15
This last year has been a strange one for me Eastwise as I have been taking a sabbatical from the group's activities. Due to family circumstances I felt I needed to concentrate on my family at this time.

However this doesn't mean that I have not been doing any textile work, in fact I have been very busy. Last year I did the 1 day a month Wet 'n Wild course with Committed to Cloth down near Reigate with Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn which was hugely enjoyable if very tiring. the results of which will show in my work in the future. The opportunity to learn so much about all the dyeing, printing and transfer techniques has been a real eye-opener. So, as they say 'watch this space'.

Also last month I took an online sketchbook design course with Dionne Swift which I would highly recommend, great fun and done on a small scale so easy to complete in the allotted week. As I'm about to be housebound for a while, due to new knee surgery this week; I took the opportunity for a last outing for a while and went with Lorna to the Fashion and Textiles show at Excel last week. Not been to this one before and I believe it's only the 2nd time they've used Excel. A good show we thought and we had a lovely morning helping on Bobby Britnell's 'Bark Cloth to Art Shoes' stand.

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A Lesson in Good Design

EASTPosted by Janette Mon, February 10, 2014 11:17:43
A visit to the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow was an excellent reminder of the importance of good design and craftsmanship; something E.A.S.T members try to display in their own work. I visited this gallery for the first time on Friday and came away feeling I had learnt a lot more about William Morris himself as well as about his work. There was also an interesting gallery related to the publishing side of the Arts and Crafts Movement and another relating to his political connections.

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January Blog

EASTPosted by Melinda Fri, January 31, 2014 09:55:19

January was not kind and I fell victim to one of the nasty flu viruses moving around. So all my plans for the month, including the EAST January meeting got shelved.

However a new initiative at EAST is for each member to write a small blog entry during their birthday month - my idea and would you believe January was my birthday!! Well I am sure no one is interested in the hours I slept recovering in bed BUT one thing I was determined to do was get to the Paul Klee exhibition at Tate Modern and I did finally last week!!

I have always admired Klee's work but I was particualrly keen as the exhibition focuses on the early part of his career which spans pre WW1 and then the consequences of the war both on his personal life, art and career.

Titled "Making Visible" we see Klee's "paintings and drawings that emerged from a creative process of great complexity". I had not realised that his work was mostly small scale so it was fantastic to stand "up close" and admire his images that range from true life to pure abstraction. For me, Klee's famous grids and shadowy overlaps are still my favourite and there were a few included in the display.

Walking around the exhibition, gave me great inspiration and a creative "push" to get on with my own "Between the Lines" work. I am examining the identity of white and Indigenous Australians in the Anzac soldiers from Australia.

The exhibition runs until the 9th March so there is still time to make it if you can.

Melinda Berkovitz

Keep an eye out for the February birthday members!!

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