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This blog has been set up for members of EAST to post information about what is happening in the group and in their work.

It's almost here!

Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Sat, October 03, 2009 16:57:42

The box is packed, the postcards are printed, the sketchbook is done, the banners are finished - the exhibition has been a while in the making but now there is no more to do (we hope), until set up day. Really looking forward to seeing it when I get up to Ally Pally on Friday, (plus Saturday and Sunday). The last time EAST were at the Knitting and Stitching Show, it was quite exhilarating talking to people and feeling really part of the whole event rather than just a visitor.

It's been a really busy week so far and I am also looking forward to starting on my new projects. Monday I tidied my workspace so I can actually get in my room, which had become a bit of a "dumping ground" while the last phases of the exhibition work were being put into place.

Only two days (paid) work this week and then Thursday went to the filming of the Antiques Roadshow at Greenwich. I had been offered a BBC pass (the only reason I went), which meant I could avoid the queueing outside and I only had to do the indoor queueing for the expert - I understand it can be three hours waiting outside! Unfortunately I was behind Fiona Bruce in a queue when they were filming so I may be in the background - trying to look the other way and avoid the camera. I took some needlework tools with me and found out one was worth a lot more than I thought and two were not actually needlework tools at all. It was interesting seeing behind the scenes, but it is a bit like a doctor's appointment - hours of waiting and then five minutes with the expert! Saw a lot of the well known experts from the show - and they and the behind the scenes staff must have a very hard day; I understand they start at about 8am, and don't finish until the last person is seen.

Then yesterday did a talk about Foundlings for the Friends of Coram at the London Metropolitan Archives - with Gill, my fellow researcher. A very interesting afternoon - and an interesting morning in the archives; tracking down some more useful information. Which I am hoping I may be able to use in my new EAST work.

Today had an enjoyable morning at Young Embroiderer's - Melinda teaching them about silk painting. The girls seemed to enjoy it so much we had trouble getting them out the door.

So now I'm hoping for a quiet day or two, catching breath so I will be ready for the show.

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Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Mon, September 28, 2009 13:03:29

The postcards ordered for the EAST @ the Warner Textile Archive have just arrived - I only ordered them on line about three working days ago, and the site said to expect about a 7 day delay. Really pleased with them, and particularly impressed that the company we used allow the printing of up to 60 cards with 60 different images if required. I don't think any other company does that. They also do lots of other items such as mini-cards, stickers, etc.

Their website is www.moo.com.

I would definitely recommend them; as have some of the other EAST girls.

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The banners have arrived

Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Fri, September 18, 2009 16:30:41

It has been an interesting week - but one of the most exciting parts was the arrival of the banners, with their first airing at our meeting last Saturday (12th September). After all the sweat and toil it was good to see them up and it gives us a much better idea of the scale of the exhibition. Anthea was delighted - as we all were with how they looked.

The rest of the week I have been working on the finishing touches to my piece of work for the show. I knew I had time to finish and I am really just finishing the "sketchbook" that goes with the exhibit now; plus making a few more flowers for the side of my box - you can't have too many can you!!?

Yesterday I started getting the pages of my book together, and I am hoping to have it finished by the weekend. Unfortunately my plans were not helped by my cat Billy, who decided to eat part of it while I was out of the room! I am not sure if it means he loves it so much he could eat it up! Luckily he really only chewed the edges of bits that I was cutting down to stitck to other pages anyway - if you find a hole in one of the pages though I am afraid that was him.

One other exciting event of the week I also have to mention is a visit to the Foundling Museum. I had permission from the Director to look at one of the tokens that are normally kept under glass, "in the flesh" as it were. Although I have seen many of the tokens in the archives up close, I think this was a very special moment as the tokens at the museum seem so unobtainable and yet there it was so fragile, so poignant, so full of secrets. I am probably one of only a very few people who have now seen both sides of the token (and it is not quite the same at the back). My findings will go into the book I am co-authoring on the subject of foundling tokens and possibly in an exhibition at the museum next spring, but I have to say that the moment I saw it out of its protective covering was truely awesome. And it all started with an EAST project.

Above - two of the EAST banners for the EAST @ The Warner Textile Archive exhibition at the Knitting and Stitching shows (London/Harrogate), having their first airing.

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Intersting Website

Warner ProjectPosted by Carol Tue, September 08, 2009 10:36:36
Hi all - Lorna delivered her Warner work to me yesterday as she's not coming to next Saturday's meeting. Also Margaret has broken her arm, quite badly I think, whilst she was on holiday in Paris with her son. As it's in a cast at the moment and she can't drive I have offered to collect her work, either on Sunday when I am going to the ERTF Lecture by Michael Brennand-Wood lecture in Cambridge or when I am stewarding at their exhibition at Jesus College on Tuesday next week. I'll have a look at the Creative Exhibitions website later Melinda but in the meantime I found this website on the Embroiderers' Guild website diary listing this morning - www.heritageopendays.org.uk, you just click on an area on the map and it shows a listing of interesting sites that are not usually open to the public. I even found one in Sible Hedingham!

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Warner project

Warner ProjectPosted by Melinda Fri, September 04, 2009 13:36:25

I could not let today pass un- blogged! ( a new word I think!)

We have finally completed the work on the banners for the up and coming new East exhibition - EAST @ The Warner Textile Archive.


This means we are bang on time and the banners will be available (subject to no national disasters) for collection from FASTSIGNS next Friday. It is a great relief and I hope everyone will be pleased with their own banner and the overall effect. I think it is going to be an impressive exhibition!

Never a dull moment though, and as one thing finishes the next starts. We are well into the organisation and planning for our stand at the Knitting and Stitching shows. As this is our third visit (thank you Andrew!!), it is not so daunting - just alot of planning.

I look forward to meeting up with everyone next week for our September meeting. It is sure to be busy as there is still loads to sort out.

Now I just need to finish my workbook and get ready for the Chelmsford Art trail which starts next week.



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Update on the warner project

Warner ProjectPosted by Melinda Sat, August 15, 2009 10:23:33

On my long list of things to do before going to visit my family in Israel there sits one more EAST item - write the blog! so as promised Janette - here it is!

This last month has been really hectic trying to ensure that all is correct for the production of our screens for the up and coming EAST @ The Warner Textile Archive exhibition to be launched at the Knitting and Stitching shows. The biggest nightmare has been the constant editing required to ensure that there are NO mistakes - grammatical, factual or artistic. It seems that every time I read over the text, out jumps another wrong comma, letter or even this week a double full stop - heaven forbid!! (spotted by Janette and Robert!)

Anyway after a false start with the printers who returned half the proofs in the incorrect layout, we are now off and running again and down to a mere two pages of minor ammendments before giving the final go ahead to print. Scary thought!

The whole exercise has been a fantastic experience aided by the tireless efforts of Janette, Susan and of course Colin. To see the mock ups was a heart stopping moment and I really hope everyone will be pleased by the end results.

Our September meeting date is the planned unveiling of the screens to the group and museum team so fingers crossed nothing prevents that.

And by the way - if you notice any mistakes - don't tell me!!

Enjoy the rest of the summer,smiley

Love Melinda

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Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Fri, August 07, 2009 21:08:26

Came back home this afternoon after a successful morning at the printers with Melinda - the banners are really taking shape now; still a bit more to do but we feel we are getting to the end now.

Decided to use my afternoon constructively and realised that although I have been collecting bits and pieces together for my sketchbook, which will go with my Warner work, I have not actually started putting it together. I have decided that instead of using a premade sketchbook, I would create a sketchbook from scrap. This means preparing some papers and then binding them together with my Bind-it-All tool.

So I came home and painted some papers with Brusho - I have used sketch pad paper; large sheets but cut down to size. I used a technique learnt at a class with Frances Pickering (http://www.stitchhost.co.uk/frannyp/home.php)- and previously I have used wall lining paper - ie the stuff you put on the walls before painting them. It is quite satisfying to turn a pile of white paper into something a lot more colourful.

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A visit to the Signwriters

Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Fri, July 17, 2009 20:46:32

Today Melinda and myself made a trip to the signwriters to design our free standing boards for the Warner exhibition. Although we had all the write ups and images ready there was still a bit to decide and sometimes it was only when you saw the image on screen, you could decide what looked right. Luckily Dave from Fastsigns in Chelmsford (www.fastsigns.co.uk) used his expertise to guide us when we were really stuck.

Now we have seen two screens drafted out on the computer and we can really start to imagine what the exhibition is going to look like.

We've left Dave to carry on making proofs for all the boards and then we should be back there in a couple of weeks and get those printers rolling. By September we hope to be able to set up a "mini-exhibition" at our meeting - when we will have the banners ready and the work completed.

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