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This blog has been set up for members of EAST to post information about what is happening in the group and in their work.

Lines of Communication

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Mon, June 06, 2016 18:13:38

Saturday 18 June 2016 from 10am to 4pm - As part of our visit to Landmark Arts Centre, EAST have organised a workshop for those with some experience in stitching and textile work. Lines of Communication is a mixed media workshop where you will be using collage, hand and machine (optional) embroidery and printing to create simple envelope shapes and using ephemera to inspire a piece of work of your own imagining. Although initially inspired by our 'Between the Lines' exhibition it is not necessarily WWI related. The workshop will be led by Libby Smith, but there are ideas and inspiration from all the EAST members.

Cost: £45.

Booking must be made in advance, when a material list will be provided. Contact Landmark Arts Centre at Ferry Road, Teddington, London, TW11 9NN through their website or telephone: 020 8977 7558.

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Between the Lines at Landmark

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Tue, May 24, 2016 17:57:37

A last chance to see Between the Lines when it travels to Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington from 15 June to 10 July 2016. Special events include a workshop, tea and talk and a drop in family day.

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New Venue for 2016

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Sat, September 12, 2015 19:29:49
E.A.S.T are very pleased to announce a new venue for their Between the Lines exhibition for the summer of 2016. E.A.S.T have been invited by Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington to exhibit between Wednesday 15 June and Sunday 10 July 2016.

Full details will follow in due course. In addition there will be a tea and talk session, family workshop and full day embroidery workshop - details of which will follow in due course.

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New venue to be announced

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Mon, July 13, 2015 12:12:11
Between the Lines has closed at Snape, but a new venue is being planned for 2016. Plus information on our next exhibition, which E.A.S.T members are currently working towards.

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Exhibition now open in Suffolk

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Thu, July 02, 2015 15:40:53
"Between the Lines" is now open at The Pond Gallery, Snape Maltings in Suffolk. Open one week only until 8 July 2015.

Probably the last chance to view this year.

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E.A.S.T on TV

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Wed, May 06, 2015 18:23:17
Just Hands-On TV filmed E.A.S.T members Janette and Susan when Between the Lines was at Cirencester. The film is now available to view - you will need to register to view, and subscribe to see the whole film, but you can subscribe for short periods. As a subscriber you will also have access to the site's other videos, including workshops and interviews, etc.

For more information - Just Hands-on TV.

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Exhibition at Cirencester - but not for long!

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Fri, April 10, 2015 19:33:56
Just over a week to go before Between the Lines finishes at the Corinium Museum, Cirencester, on 19 April 2015.

After that our next location will be at Snape Maltings in Suffolk from 2 to 8 July.

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Film Crew

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Mon, March 23, 2015 20:13:08
It was a new experience for Janette and Susan who were interviewed by Just Hands-On TV while the "Between the Lines" exhibition was set up at Cirencester.

Valerie put us very much at ease and with Matt as cameraman and Dave on sound and direction the whole experience was not as daunting as we thought it might have been. Jess joined as for some work experience so we hope she too enjoyed her day.

More details on how the film can be viewed will follow in due course.

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