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This blog has been set up for members of EAST to post information about what is happening in the group and in their work.

Open in Cirencester

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Sat, March 21, 2015 10:47:25
Exhibition is now open at Corinium Museum Gallery, Cirencester - more photos on our Facebook page.

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Next stop Cirencester

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Thu, March 12, 2015 09:14:52

Just a couple more days before Between the Lines finishes at Braintree District Museum (Saturday 14th March, taken down from 2pm), and we are already getting prepared for Cirencester.

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Tea and Talk at Braintree

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Wed, January 21, 2015 18:40:30

E.A.S.T members Susan, Lorna, Ellen, June and Janette gave a talk this afternoon about their latest exhibition Between the Lines as part of Braintree District Museum's regular Tea and Talk sessions.

It was the first time we gave this talk but we had plenty of good feedback and it was good to give a bit more insight into the exhibition works.

The exhibition continues at Braintree District Museum until 14 March, so plenty of time still to make a visit.

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Exhibition open at Braintree

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Sat, January 10, 2015 18:47:09

Between the Lines is now open at Braintree District Museum. Museum is open Tuesdays to Saturdays - admission charges apply.

If you want to know more about the work on display a talk about the exhibition, by some of the EAST members, will be held at Braintree District Museum on Wednesday 21 January 2015 at 3pm.

For more information or to book a place contact Braintree District Museum by phone (01376 328868) or email - info@braintreemuseum.co.uk.

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Between the Lines open soon at Braintree Museum

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Fri, January 02, 2015 12:45:01

"Between the Lines" opens at Braintree District Museum, Braintree, Essex on Saturday 10 January 2015.

The museum is open Tuesdays to Saturdays - 10am to 4pm. Normal admission charges apply (includes entry to museum as well as exhibition gallery).

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Praise from Workshop on the Web

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Fri, December 19, 2014 11:40:00
Workshop on the Web have kindly sent us a copy of their review of our exhibition "Between the Lines" during its time at the Knitting and Stitching Show, along with reviews of Prism, the work of Ann Small and Sue Walton, Jo Beattie, Renate Keeping, Lindsay Taylor and Caren Garfen.

If you are a subscriber then you may already have seen it, but if not, it is currently available to non-subscribers until the new edition of their online magazine is published.

Visit Workshop on the Web by clicking HERE and follow the link to "Exhibitions".

During 2015 the exhibition opens again at Braintree Museum, Braintree in Essex and more information about the work and the stories behind it will be posed on our "Between the Lines" blog. In the meantime on behalf of East Anglian Stitch Textiles (E.A.S.T) I shall take this opportunity of wishing all best wishes for the festive season and the new year to our readers and supporters.

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Graduate Showcase - third artist

Between the LinesPosted by Susan Tue, November 25, 2014 16:12:21

I first met Hanny Newton on Wednesday as we were setting up at Harrogate. Anthea had arrived on our stand hunting for white paint and we were very fortunate to have a large tin which had been left behind by the stand builders. Armed with paint brushes and illicit paint I accompanied Anthea to the Graduate stand to touch up some walls and shelf edges.

Hanny studied at the Royal School of Needlework for the first two years of her course and then transferred to Falmouth College to completing her degree this summer. As you can see from the pictures below she’s used the traditional gold work skills learnt at R.S.N. to wonderful effect.

In our Veins. Hanny Newton

As a lover of traditional gold work I wanted to find a new approach to these amazing traditional skills. My rocks are an up scaled version of gold work felt padding – as you would find under the Queen’s robe of estate etc. Layers of industrial felt are tightly stitched together in contours to create sculptural forms.

Living in Cornwall, I felt inspired by the landscape and heritage of the area and loved the fact I could use gold work in a new way.

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The show is over

Between the LinesPosted by Susan Mon, November 24, 2014 17:30:18

Just before the Harrogate exhibition closed yesterday we all joined Anthea, the Graduates, members of Hue and some staff from the Embroiderers’ Guild to celebrate a successful show. We toasted each other with some bubbly (provided by Anthea) and wished each other continuing success.

Then it was all systems go as we took down our exhibits and packed them into the pallet boxes. With everything ready to go we lost the men from the logistics company who we hoped were going to get the work home to Braintree. As I was sent hither and thither by various officials, trying to track the men down, I was filled with the horrible thought that somehow we hadn’t filled in the correct forms and no one knew about our work.

Eventually they arrived and like London buses, in great quantities, five altogether. All was well. They knew about us and we weren’t to worry. At this point Colin took a picture, below left, (not a very flattering one of me as you can see) and we watched whilst the pallets were shrink wrapped.

At last we could happily leave the Conference Centre feeling very smug as many stall holders had to wait until their vans were released from the car park before they could begin packing them.

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