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Posted by Janette Tue, June 14, 2016 10:10:28

EAST have a new blog and this one will therefore no longer be updated on a regular basis. To visit the new blog to find out about exhibitions and events click HERE.

From nature to artmiscellaneous

Posted by Melinda Fri, June 10, 2016 10:14:43

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, 2016

I promised my mum I would take her to see this exhibition held in Tel Aviv, so we made the trip this week. I had been before and it is always stunning but what I did not remember was that this event comes from, and is sponsored by, the National History Museum, London.

The mission of the National History Museum is to "change and challenge the way people think about the natural worlds, it's past, present and future, by exploring themes such as evolution, biodiversity and sustainability."

Proceeds from the exhibition supports the work of the 300 research scientists and the care of the Museum's collection of 80 million specimens based in London.

So how amazing is that?

The exhibition was pure beauty and inspirational. there were 100 photographs selected from 42,445 entries from all over the world. That must have been some selection panel! Images captured "every corner of the natural world - from the skies to the depths of the ocean, pole to pole, into the deepest forest and up to the highest mountain." Places we can only dream or imagine ever seeing. I have included a few of my favourites - the ones that grabbed my focus on textures or colour.

At the exhibition I was once again reminded that there can be inspiration from anywhere and anything. Ella and my little six month old grandson came along too - his name Alon (oak tree in Hebrew) means he must have an affinity to nature. I just hope that we are preserving the natural world with all its beauty and diversity for him and others to appreciate.

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Lines of CommunicationBetween the Lines

Posted by Janette Mon, June 06, 2016 18:13:38

Saturday 18 June 2016 from 10am to 4pm - As part of our visit to Landmark Arts Centre, EAST have organised a workshop for those with some experience in stitching and textile work. Lines of Communication is a mixed media workshop where you will be using collage, hand and machine (optional) embroidery and printing to create simple envelope shapes and using ephemera to inspire a piece of work of your own imagining. Although initially inspired by our 'Between the Lines' exhibition it is not necessarily WWI related. The workshop will be led by Libby Smith, but there are ideas and inspiration from all the EAST members.

Cost: £45.

Booking must be made in advance, when a material list will be provided. Contact Landmark Arts Centre at Ferry Road, Teddington, London, TW11 9NN through their website or telephone: 020 8977 7558.

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Between the Lines at LandmarkBetween the Lines

Posted by Janette Tue, May 24, 2016 17:57:37

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A last chance to see Between the Lines when it travels to Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington from 15 June to 10 July 2016. Special events include a workshop, tea and talk and a drop in family day.

Print Workshopmiscellaneous

Posted by June Sun, May 22, 2016 23:40:18

At the recent Warner Textile Archive Textile Fair members of E.A.S.T ran a print workshop. The workshop was very successful, at one point people were queuing to take part. Participants made their own print blocks and printed onto the supplied fabric, one lady was so pleased with her printing she went home and made a lavender bag and cards.

Holiday in Portugalmiscellaneous

Posted by Anne Wed, May 11, 2016 18:22:01

In April I was fortunate to have had a touring holiday in Portugal. Arraiolas one of the small towns near Lisbon was particularly interesting. It is famous for its rug production which dates back to the seventeenth century or even earlier.

What fascinated me was that these large rugs were, and still are produced by hand. They use naturally dyed wool and hand stitch onto canvas creating wonderful patterns.

I visited a museum where they have on display a wonderful array of large rugs. In one of the rooms a woman was busy making a small rug. I was amazed to see that she used an embroidery stitch with a needle to create the intricate patterns. After watching her carefully I discovered she was using a long arm cross stitch. I took a close up photo and hope you can see the stitches.

It is incredible that these large rugs, more like carpets, are made in this way. The method is so labour intensive but the final result is fantastic.

'POP MY MIND'miscellaneous

Posted by Felicity Mon, May 09, 2016 17:49:51

Inspiration, how do you get it? Words flood into my mind… nature around me, exhibitions of other artists, pictures in magazines, photographs, personal experiences, feelings, materials collected, found objects, workshops, and experimentation. I could go on…ideas accumulate, swirling, intertwining, knitting together to be used one day, or not… I often have the problem of having too many ideas and then deciding which direction to take.

However, something that I came across recently that I was told about by someone at University College Suffolk called ‘Pop My Mind’ caught my interest …

On their website this is how they describe the idea…

Get Inspired

Explore Pop My Mind for creative content and seeded themes to spark your next artistic idea.

Get Creative

Create and upload images, video, audio or text in response to content that you find interesting.

Get Popped

Your creativity earns a POP each time it inspires the creation of a new piece of content.

Watch your creativity trigger dynamic new content throughout the community.

I thought it an original idea and decided I’d give it a try. Responding to a painting called ‘Wave’ by Sarah Tappenden I used fabric with some applique, beading, couching and hand stitching to make my textile piece.

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‘Wave’ by Sarah Tappenden inspired by the emotion joy.

And my response…
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Take a look and see if you are inspired to respond. http://www.popmymind.com/howdoesitwork

Chelmsford - 30 years of stitchingmiscellaneous

Posted by Janette Fri, April 29, 2016 14:01:58

Most E.A.S.T members are also members of the Embroiderer's Guild, and several are regular attenders at the Chelmsford branch. Chelmsford is celebrating 30 years this May with an exhibition in the local library. The exhibition is free.

Visit to see how diverse an art embroidery can be.

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