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Bite-Size - an exhibition in London until 14 December

miscellaneousPosted by Janette Sat, December 10, 2011 17:22:20

On Friday Susan and I decided to visit the Bite-Size exhibition which is being held at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation Gallery just off Regent's Park in London. The exhibition, curated by Lesley Millar, consisted of work by 51 different artists some Japanese, some from the UK, to celebrate 15 years of working together.

When we arrived we found two rooms dividing the exhibition that was spread out either on the wall or on plinths, apart from one piece hung in the window. None of the pieces of work were labelled or named and there were seperate sheets with a floor plan to use if we wished to identify the artists.

None of the pieces were larger than about 10 inches in any direction (there was a specific size set) and they were equally divided between 3D and wall pieces. We both had our favourites. About half way through looking at the exhibition we found a copy of the catalogue which had been left in one of the rooms and using this we were able to discover more about either the work or the artist. Sometimes this catalogue made us look at the piece of work again and there were some that became much more interesting once we knew a little more about the thinking behind the piece.

Although at the very end of its exhibition run (and the gallery is not open at weekends), this is an exhibition well worth visiting - especially if you go with a like minded friend.

We followed the exhibition by a visit to Pollocks Toy Shop in Covent Garden (very inspiring) and a visit to Waterstones.

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