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In the frame

miscellaneousPosted by Susan Fri, January 06, 2012 18:36:42

By the time Christmas celebrations are replaced by New Year hangovers I’ve broken my resolutions and become a year older. The pain of all this excitement was eased considerably this January by the birthday gift of a new digital camera from my husband. For the whole of one evening I snapped away happily at the Christmas tree decorations, ornaments, textile panels and, of course, the dog.

Then came the problem of downloading the camera software on my slightly outdated laptop which we soon discovered needed upgrading. By 2.00 am on Wednesday we’d managed to download one Microsoft service pack, no mean feat as this had to be put onto a stick before putting it onto the laptop, and had a minor domestic dispute. Eventually, by 8.30 pm the same day (we had also slept, eat, done the weekly shop and walked the dog as well), the software was successfully installed and below are some of my early attempts.

In the future, when I go to exhibitions I won’t need others to take the detailed photos for me (thanks Janette), but EASTies beware – I shall be bringing my camera to the next meeting.

Happy New Year.

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