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Sketchbooks in Suffolk

EAST on tourPosted by Janette Thu, January 19, 2012 16:45:28

EAST is going on tour - and our first stop is to the Suffolk East branch of the Embroiderer's Guild this Saturday.

Suffolk East are holding a New Year Social entitled "Sketch to Stitch" and EAST have been invited to bring along some of their sketchbooks. It is an informal day and guild members will be able to see some of the group's sketchbooks and find out how they help in their work.

For information on the Suffolk East branch visit, who to contact about joining and their 2012 programme visit - http://branches.embroiderersguild.com/branchdetails.php?id=SUFF10

For information about any other branch of the Embroiderer's Guild (which covers all parts of the United Kingdom) visit - http://www.embroiderersguild.com/. This website also gives information on Stitch and Embroidery, magazines created in conjunction with the guild.

On the subject of sketchbooks I should also mention two very different exhibitions in London at the moment. Leonardo da Vinci; Painter at the Court of Milan at the National Gallery and an exhibition by Quentin Blake at the Foundling Museum. Sadly advance tickets for Leonardo are sold out (apparently you can get tickets on the day if you are there early enough), but when I visited this week what I enjoyed the most were the sketches placed near some of his finished pieces, which showed how Leonardo looked carefully at every detail - facial expressions, body movements, drapery, before even starting a major piece of work. Sadly it seems he sometimes enjoyed the exploration of themes and working out new ways of working more than he liked finishing his work. Never be ashamed of unfinished pieces - Leonardo had plenty. One of his own personal notebooks is on display in the second half of the exhibition.

Quentin Blake's exhibition has only just started (www.foundlingmuseum.org.uk) and is one I have yet to visit. His sketches display a comical view on some serious issues, such as old age, eating disorders, children in hospital (an alien environment) plus some relating to maternal matters. Better known for his illustrations of the Roald Dahl books and my favourite Arabel's Raven (by Joan Aiken), this exhibition consists of work commissioned by four hospitals or medical centres. Sketching of a very different type.

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