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Leonardo - Amazing

miscellaneousPosted by Melinda Wed, January 25, 2012 10:40:16

For once I was organised enough to plan ahead and get tickets for this exhibition which was truly amazing! As my OU module is Art History at the moment, it seemed scandalous to miss this opportunity and it was indeed unforgetable. Knowing it would be crowded (and it was!) I took the time to read up a little on the main pieces and to know what to expect. Dear Janette also gave me advance warning of the lay out etc. But nothing prepares you for the seven rooms of complete wonder. Not only are the main pieces breath taking but each of the drawings, some of them tiny and many very faded are an insight to the mind of a man who was obsesed with detail and accuracy. And boy could he draw!! Being a textile fanatic, I was drawn to his sketches of drapery - folds, shading, tucks etc that were so beautiful and exquisite.

The visual exhibition was supported by an excellent audio guide that was well presented, clear explanations and really supplimented the items being discussed.

So what did I lear from this event, well Leonardo da Vinci certainly knew his stuff. His eye for detail and his complete obsession with accuracy may have meant that he only produced about 20 finished pieces in his life time but he left thousands of sketches and notes that are the legacy of a true master.

For those of us that despair that we do not produce alot of work or that each piece of work seems to take ages, then from Leonardo it is certainly worth taking the lesson that "quality is better than quantity! and that observation is everything in life!

if you missed this event - i am sorry, if you can still get there, then do and if all else fails give Our Majesty a call some time - lots of the sketches were on loan from her collection and I am sure she would love to let you pop round to have a look!


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