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Textile Smorgesbord

miscellaneousPosted by Janette Sat, January 28, 2012 17:56:06
I do not think there is a member of EAST who is not also a member of another group, in particular one of the Eastern region branches of the Embroiderer's Guild. However, I am also a member of the Eastern Region Textile Forum, a group that aims to push textiles as an art form. Yesterday the Essex region met at one of the member's houses for a Textile Smorgesbord (I hope I've spelt that right), where we were able to look at a fabulous collection of Scandinavian textiles plus books and articles. As our host Kirsten is Danish she was able to give us a real insight into the culture, particularly of her native Denmark. We finished off with a most fabulous edible Smorgesbord.

For more information on the Eastern Region Textile Forum (membership open to anyone with an interest in textiles) - www.ertf.org.uk

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