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Saturday - Meet the Artists

Making a Point!Posted by Janette Mon, October 08, 2012 12:08:27

This Saturday (13 October) will see Lorna, Margaret, Ellen and Libby stewarding at the Making a Point exhibition.

Lorna's work explores ideas inspired graffiti during a recent visit to Prague - in particular the brashness and colour of this "modern art".

Margaret also has a theme based on foreign travel but this time France, specifically the Dordogne region. Her work is based on buildings, household furnishings and vintage textiles.

Ellen also uses vintage textiles in her work but in a very different way to explore the plight of the Victorian seamstress. She has created a "hope chest" to evaluate the value of woman's work and life, past, present and future.

Libby also stays closer to home with her exploration of productive landscape - allotments to farmland.

This Saturday is an excellent opportunity to find out more and see their work in detail - plus of course all the rest of the exhibition.

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