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This blog has been set up for members of EAST to post information about what is happening in the group and in their work.

20th October - Meet the Artists

Making a Point!Posted by Janette Thu, October 18, 2012 19:48:49

This Saturday it is a chance to find out more about the work of artists Liz, Susan, Julie and Carol who should all be stewarding at the Making a Point! exhibition by EAST at Braintree Museum.

Liz's has used an exploration of coral reefs to convey a powerful message about erosion and destruction.

Susan's work explores the ideas of Britishness - particularly Britain in the 1930s.

Carol's vibrant pieces are an exploration of colour and emotional language.

Julie uses research into birds and falconry combined with an exploration of the evolution of gloves as her starting point.

To find out more visit EAST at Braintree Museum on Saturday 20 October 2012.

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