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A visit to the Signwriters

Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Fri, July 17, 2009 20:46:32

Today Melinda and myself made a trip to the signwriters to design our free standing boards for the Warner exhibition. Although we had all the write ups and images ready there was still a bit to decide and sometimes it was only when you saw the image on screen, you could decide what looked right. Luckily Dave from Fastsigns in Chelmsford (www.fastsigns.co.uk) used his expertise to guide us when we were really stuck.

Now we have seen two screens drafted out on the computer and we can really start to imagine what the exhibition is going to look like.

We've left Dave to carry on making proofs for all the boards and then we should be back there in a couple of weeks and get those printers rolling. By September we hope to be able to set up a "mini-exhibition" at our meeting - when we will have the banners ready and the work completed.

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