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miscellaneousPosted by Janette Sun, July 26, 2009 13:27:30

Well, despite an appeal, I see the rest of the EAST group are still a little shy of blogging (or of course they are busy stitching instead of sitting at a computer!) So I thought I would give a few links to some other textile bloggers, hopefully to give a bit of inspiration - My friend Miriam's blog is at http://77belle.blogspot.com, Chris is at www.chrissythreads.blogspot.com and Gina is at www.ginaferrari.blogspot.com (although Gina is having a break from blogging at the moment).

I would be interested to hear of some other textile blog spots and I can also add them to our links page in our main EAST website.

Unfortunately I have not had a chance to do much stitching this weekend - although I did visit the Globe yesterday to see As You Like It, which was a really good day out with some friends. And a chance to see some fabulous costumes. Today I've unfortunately had to do some domestic economy (as my dad used to call housework), and this afternoon am being taken out to the pub to see a musical performance - nothing very high brow today as it's John Otway; usually quite an interesting entertainer; but unlikely to inspire any textiles.

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