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EG Rust Dyeing Workshop

miscellaneousPosted by Libby Tue, August 04, 2009 23:01:03

Thought I’d take the plunge and do my first blog prompted by Janette’s reference to the EG rust dyeing workshop with Myfanwy Hart.

It was an excellent workshop, Myfanwy is very organised so that we kept samples of our original fabrics before we rust dyed them. Three pairs of two fabrics were sandwiched together with wire wool and put into a sealable plastic bag. This process was repeated, using the same fabrics, three more times to give 24 samples altogether. To the first bag salt water was added, to the second bag vinegar water was added, to the third bag salt water and a tea bag was added and to the fourth bag vinegar water and a tea bag was added. Using hot water helps to speed up the rusting process but all four bags were/should be left for 24 hours before rinsing and washing. In the afternoon we repeated the process but used our metal tools instead of wire wool – I used a circular saw blade, Allen keys, a drill bit and screws. We didn’t see the results of our labours until the following day but I was very pleased – found the tools gave better results than the wire wool. We were told to be thorough when removing the wire wool or any hard residue as any remaining in the fabric could end up in your sewing machine if you subsequent add machine stitching. I had an almost instant landscape. One of the things I would like to try in the future is rusting and dyeing at the same time. Hope my first blog meets with approval.

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