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Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Fri, August 07, 2009 21:08:26

Came back home this afternoon after a successful morning at the printers with Melinda - the banners are really taking shape now; still a bit more to do but we feel we are getting to the end now.

Decided to use my afternoon constructively and realised that although I have been collecting bits and pieces together for my sketchbook, which will go with my Warner work, I have not actually started putting it together. I have decided that instead of using a premade sketchbook, I would create a sketchbook from scrap. This means preparing some papers and then binding them together with my Bind-it-All tool.

So I came home and painted some papers with Brusho - I have used sketch pad paper; large sheets but cut down to size. I used a technique learnt at a class with Frances Pickering (http://www.stitchhost.co.uk/frannyp/home.php)- and previously I have used wall lining paper - ie the stuff you put on the walls before painting them. It is quite satisfying to turn a pile of white paper into something a lot more colourful.

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