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Update on the warner project

Warner ProjectPosted by Melinda Sat, August 15, 2009 10:23:33

On my long list of things to do before going to visit my family in Israel there sits one more EAST item - write the blog! so as promised Janette - here it is!

This last month has been really hectic trying to ensure that all is correct for the production of our screens for the up and coming EAST @ The Warner Textile Archive exhibition to be launched at the Knitting and Stitching shows. The biggest nightmare has been the constant editing required to ensure that there are NO mistakes - grammatical, factual or artistic. It seems that every time I read over the text, out jumps another wrong comma, letter or even this week a double full stop - heaven forbid!! (spotted by Janette and Robert!)

Anyway after a false start with the printers who returned half the proofs in the incorrect layout, we are now off and running again and down to a mere two pages of minor ammendments before giving the final go ahead to print. Scary thought!

The whole exercise has been a fantastic experience aided by the tireless efforts of Janette, Susan and of course Colin. To see the mock ups was a heart stopping moment and I really hope everyone will be pleased by the end results.

Our September meeting date is the planned unveiling of the screens to the group and museum team so fingers crossed nothing prevents that.

And by the way - if you notice any mistakes - don't tell me!!

Enjoy the rest of the summer,smiley

Love Melinda

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