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This blog has been set up for members of EAST to post information about what is happening in the group and in their work.

Praise from Workshop on the Web

Between the LinesPosted by Janette Fri, December 19, 2014 11:40:00
Workshop on the Web have kindly sent us a copy of their review of our exhibition "Between the Lines" during its time at the Knitting and Stitching Show, along with reviews of Prism, the work of Ann Small and Sue Walton, Jo Beattie, Renate Keeping, Lindsay Taylor and Caren Garfen.

If you are a subscriber then you may already have seen it, but if not, it is currently available to non-subscribers until the new edition of their online magazine is published.

Visit Workshop on the Web by clicking HERE and follow the link to "Exhibitions".

During 2015 the exhibition opens again at Braintree Museum, Braintree in Essex and more information about the work and the stories behind it will be posed on our "Between the Lines" blog. In the meantime on behalf of East Anglian Stitch Textiles (E.A.S.T) I shall take this opportunity of wishing all best wishes for the festive season and the new year to our readers and supporters.

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