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Finding Inspiration - The Next Idea

miscellaneousPosted by Melinda Sat, January 24, 2015 12:46:30

It is always difficult to move on from a completed body of work and now that "Between the Lines" is up and running, this is exactly where the E.A.S.T members find themselves - beginning the "next idea"!

For some members of the group the World War I theme of "Between the Lines" was challenging particularly as each person was required to explore an agreed theme and a difficult one at that. However, the response to the work has been overwhelming and encouraging which has made the whole process so worthwhile.

A new idea that begins to take form results from previous experiencies and so inevitably the achievements of "Between Lines" will influence what develops next. This is the natural cycle - as the research and thoughts begin to form, so ideas flow and develop.

I recently visited the RA retrospective of Allen Jones and it was so interesting to see exactly this point demonstrated. Jones has spent over five decades as an established artist exploring, developing and considering themes that intrigue him. His ideas evolve both techniqually and aesthetically and it was fantastic to see the breadth of his work

As a success since the 1960s Allen Jones has not tried to shake off the Pop Art label like some of his contempories and instead has continued to embrace the imagery (in particular of women) that still fascinates him. It was fantastic to see up close his mannequin figures spanning so many years. The newest and current ones have clearly evolved and are now remodelled and presented in brightly coloured glory. His controversial fibreglass figures-as furniture were also present and one can see why they have been loved and hated by so many.

So while the great and famous continue to create and explore, we too in our humble way also continue the journey of enquiry and creativity.

I am sure the outcome will be as exciting as ever.

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