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Weekend Workshop at Belstead

miscellaneousPosted by Janette Mon, August 17, 2009 09:22:52

Just spent a fantastic weekend at Belstead House, Ipswich, at the Embroiderers' Guild (Eastern Region) Summer School. The workshop I was lucky enough to be part of was with James Hunting.

James Hunting is an excellent and very likeable teacher - and even though some of the designing tasks were "challenging" he made it all such a joy. He told us about his "journey" as an artist, about his working methods, about his life in France as a couture embroiderer and his current role in developing the degree course at the Royal School of Needlework - if only I could afford to do the course, it sounds wonderful.

Even though I felt quite tired by the end of the weekend, I still came home and did some more stitching - and I think some of the techniques I can still use to finish off my piece of Warner work. In fact I am so glad I had not finished the inside earlier as I think it is going to be greatly improved following this weekend.

As well as our workshop, the EG had two other classes running - one by Linda Westerman; which I often popped into on the way to our frequent meal breaks. There were definitely some fascinating bits and pieces coming out of that room with twisted sticks, fantastic books, colour and glitz, but also some subtle and muted pieces. The other class was run by Annette Morgan who was doing a workshop on dyeing - I never made it to that classroom (too busy stitching), but heard some excellent pieces were coming out of there too - and a very colourful room apparently. Hopefully I will get to see some of the pieces as I know at least a couple of the participants through the Eastern Region Textile Forum.

Below are pictures of the class in progress and a bit of the work I had achieved by the end of the weekend. What more can I say but thanks James, thanks Liz Nicholls, who organised the weekend, thanks classmates, thanks staff at Belstead House and thanks Dave.smiley

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