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an anecdote

miscellaneousPosted by Susan Thu, August 27, 2015 12:22:22

In July 1982 I was invited to a Prom at the Royal Albert Hall. I did not accept this invitation very readily because I wanted to watch the second episode of Something in Disguise, a television production of the Elizabeth Jane Howard book which was due to be shown the same evening. However, after quite a bit of thought I accepted and on the evening we drove to London to see Dvorak's New World Symphony and, I think, a Piano Concerto. I can't really remember much about the concert but the next day I bought the book which I do remember being a very good read.

If that same situation were to arise today the poor chap would not have to wait for, what was I will admit , a very fairly unenthusiastic acceptance, because I could go to the concert and catch up with the episode on the "I-player".

This leads me, somewhat circuitously, to mention Life in Squares which I watched on catch up as we don't own a television set. This mini series follows the preoccupations of the Bloomsbury Group, in particular the lives of Vanessa and Virginia Stephens, their brothers Thoby and Adrian and Thoby's influential friends from his Cambridge University days. Vanessa married Clive Bell, Virginia, Leonard Woolf and the rest, as they say, is history.

What is the relevance of this to a textile blog you may ask?

In September I bought a postcard at the National Portrait Gallery showing Virginia Woolf and T. S. Eliot and this is the initial inspiration for my work for the next E.A.S.T. exhibition Following a Thread. In the previous exhibition my work had been based on The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot which was published in 1922 also the publication year of Jacob's Room by Virginia Woolf and Ulysses by James Joyce three books which were important examples of modernist literature.

At the moment I'm still working through ideas in a sketchbook and haven't begun to stitch anything but here are a few pages from that book.

Postscript for those who would like to know what happened to my concert companion.

"Reader: I married him". (Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte).

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