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"It's Only Natural" review

miscellaneousPosted by Liz Wed, September 02, 2015 10:10:33

Returning home from Buntingford after a weekend spent with a rather overtired four year old I called in to see my constantly tired ninety year old mother and left Bury St Edmunds to carried on my journey and incorporate Strands exhibition in Long Melford.

Walking from the car towards the Lady Chapel in Long Melford I noticed my ears had stopped ringing, my shoulders had relaxed and calm had returned.

I was greeted at the door by a smiling and very welcoming Elaine Archer who was manning a very colourful sales area with lots and lots of cards.

The ‘It’s only natural’ exhibition by members of Strands is a collection of botanical interpretations by artists specialising in textiles, beads, ceramics and botanical paintings.

Their work was not integrated which I think was a pity but the chapel was a difficult venue to do this in. The botanical paintings were stunning and I particularly liked Elaine Archer’s textile work and her research book was a gem. Her use of Ecofelt, Expandaprint, Luminex paint and colour is exciting.

I came away from the exhibition smiling and inspired and drove the rest of the way home itching to get back into my workshop and start creating.

By the way if you happen to be crossing the Millennium Bridge in London, do look down and observe the hundreds of painted chewing gum splats. One man has made it his job to remind us of our filthy habits. Only a Brit would think of turning something disgusting into an object of mirth, good for him.

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