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Defining Moments

miscellaneousPosted by Susan Tue, October 13, 2015 11:16:23

Isn't it funny that when one has a good idea suddenly it seems that the rest of the world has had the selfsame thought almost as though ideas drift by in the ether waiting for us to pick them up? This happened during my visit to the Cheltenham Literature Festival where the theme was "Defining Moments".

As I left an event on Saturday I noticed a thread stretched along one of the covered walkways between the tents with coloured luggage labels hanging from it. On closer inspection I saw that printed on one side of the label was "What’s your defining moment? " with the reverse left blank for festival goers to reply.

Many of the comments were fairly prosaic but, as you might expect from a literature festival audience, some quite pretentious. However, the response I thought the most intriguing was "1973 - The London Boat Show ".

This statement conjures up so many questions. Was the author male or female? Was it a good or bad, life changing or mundane moment? Did the author sail the seven seas or the English Channel or just potter every Sunday up an down the River Crouch? There are endless threads that you could follow from a few words and numbers.

I went to a talk earlier in the week given by Will Gompertz (BBC Arts Editor) author of "Think Like an Artist" where he assured the audience that everyone can be creative, that we each have a unique talent and imagination, and that we should question what we do, like artists. I bet we could all invent a small story round that label - not to write it down necessarily, just to tell it.

I've spent the last ten days nowhere near a needle and thread or, dare I mention, a sketch book, but I've had the privilege of hearing many creative people talking about their field of expertise and my head is full of ideas.

Don't worry. I haven't enough imagination for writing, but with stitching in mind, I am "Following a Thread".

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