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miscellaneousPosted by Lorna Mon, November 09, 2015 17:37:53

As I have been interested in working in layers, I attended a short course at West Dean College entitled Overlays which was to create a personal two-dimensional laminate of imagery. Unfortunately the Tutor who was to have taken the course was ill and Mathew Harris stepped in at the last minute. Mathew did a very good job at short notice and all who attended produced an interesting piece of work following the original outline of the course with a few additions of his own.

We were given an A1 size piece of Khadi paper, a length of heavy cotton calico and a length of fine cotton muslin. We started by making a drawing on the paper and then transferred come of our ideas onto the calico and muslin. We were given a wooden frame in which to interpret our ideas with tensioned layers. After a holiday in Iceland I was interested in the idea of ‘land sprites’ and had previously drawn and machine embroidered my ideas of these which I had intended to develop. With a different Tutor I was unable to extend my ideas as I wanted but continued to try out placing my ‘sprites’ into the frame. It proved a fun experiment using what I had taken with me plus some of the painted calico and muslin.

Mathew also gave us a talk and slides on his own work which I had not seem before, this was great and his work is lovely – not what I expected at all. All in all it was a very unexpected and interesting few days.

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