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Happy Stitchers

miscellaneousPosted by Susan Sat, December 19, 2015 12:12:34

At the November meeting of E.A.S.T. , June and Lorna told me about the formation of a new branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild at Bury St. Edmunds. I googled the Guild website and got some more information which led me to Mary McIntosh’s site. She is a quilter living in Sudbury and has become the chairman of the new branch. What really excited me was that the branch meetings are held at Risby Village Hall, the same venue which the dog and I go to each Thursday for dog training. (Don’t worry! The Guild meet in the small hall while the dog training takes place in the larger one.) I e-mailed Mary McIntosh who sent me a programme for the year and I attended the second meeting of the branch while the dog waited in the car.

There were twenty new members, a couple of whom I had met at the Ipswich branch which I attended when I first moved to Suffolk. It had already been decided that we would begin with a “travelling books” project and everyone had brought along work to start them while Mary divided us into three groups by pulling names out of a hat. We then discussed the Capability Brown event which is being run by the Guild and the fact that we are to exhibit at Highlands Park in Chelmsford, Essex. It’s a pity that no Suffolk venue was available for our work but we are obviously latecomers. However, it was a very lively meeting and hopefully a few more stitchers will feel inclined to join in the coming year.

I left the meeting in time to take Briar to dog training at 9.30pm so we both had a very successful evening. I look forward to the next meeting on January 7th at Risby Village Hall which is just off the A14.

Below I have posted a couple of images of my travelling book and one of Briar on her holiday.

Happy Christmas.



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