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A birthday treat: Two exhibitions, two countries

miscellaneousPosted by Janette Thu, January 21, 2016 09:18:05

This month's blog is from Melinda:

"Last weekend I had the good fortune to attend two different
exhibitions in two different countries both of which proved to be
informative and inspiring.

In London I went to Tate Modern to see “The World Goes Pop”.
What a brilliant title for a really thought provoking exhibition. A
must see for anyone interested in exploring the links between
art and the wider society. The 60s and 70s are the focus and
as you would expect the issues of war (and peace!), world
politics, sexual liberation and feminism are the central underlying
themes. Pop art is often referred to as a mainly North American
and British phenomena, but this exhibition includes works from
much further afield thus giving a more global take on this art
movement. Colour and form are prominent factors and so a good
inspiration “fix”. This plus a quick look in on “my” Rothkos and
the Richter pieces that I used for my final dissertation left my
senses reeling.

Then for something completely different, or so I thought.

On Sunday I visited the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv to see
“A Matter of Time : Israeli Jewelery 7”. I knew this would be an
impressive show but what I was not prepared for was the sheer
stunning beauty and variety of ideas and thoughts depicted by
the fifty eight jewellers who showed their work alongside historical
pieces. Whilst the skills and techniques were jewellery based, so
many pieces could have been translated into textiles. An informative
brief accompanied every piece (yes the words!!) and many themes
such as often considered in E.A.S.T exhibitions appeared
throughout. Nature themes, identity, recycling, the environment
and so on are familiar to us all. I was enthralled for the
second time in one weekend!

Final note - I had intended to buy the catalogue for the jewellery
exhibition to bring to show you in February but on the way to the
shop I discovered my car had been towed away! Oh well all in a
good cause…… (We are now reunited!)

I am including just a few photos to illustrate this lovely, inspiring
exhibition and if I have a chance –will go back to get the catalogue!!"

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