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Original Ideas V Pinterest

EASTPosted by Tricia Sun, February 28, 2016 15:43:18

Is there such a thing as an original idea? With the influx and easy access to visual stimulus and the ability to promote your work the the furthest corners of the Wifi world.

I do wonder sometimes how my head copes this of visual inspiration seeping into my brain, which sub consciously starts to inhabit, taking on a life of its own, being molded and merged to the existing stock pile of ideas, creating a whole new form and the original ideas slips into the mist of my head.

And then there is Pinterest.....A site I use frequently, to give me that inspirational leg up, only then to feel some sort of copyright/ idea guilt similar to when I secretly eat a bar of chocolate out of the kids earshot. The images I find to be really useful,beautiful, enlightening and empowering. But by taking them in and clicking that Pin button am I allowing the infiltration of my visual resource banks where it melds and merges til I’m not really sure whats mine and whats someone else.

I’ve not got any answer to the ebb and flow of the original, but for Pinterest I must be thankful, not only has it eaten away hour after hour but it enable your work to be seen by audiences that 15 yrs ago would have been mere chance encounters.

This week I’ve been lucky enough to have my work in Belgium in an International Paper Art Biennial as a result of the auto directed suggestions on Pinterest.

Like the guilt over the chocolate which I wont stop secretly eating. My Pinterest account will mainly highly active, in the knowledge that you never know someone, somewhere may using your work as a building block to their original idea.

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