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The banners have arrived

Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Fri, September 18, 2009 16:30:41

It has been an interesting week - but one of the most exciting parts was the arrival of the banners, with their first airing at our meeting last Saturday (12th September). After all the sweat and toil it was good to see them up and it gives us a much better idea of the scale of the exhibition. Anthea was delighted - as we all were with how they looked.

The rest of the week I have been working on the finishing touches to my piece of work for the show. I knew I had time to finish and I am really just finishing the "sketchbook" that goes with the exhibit now; plus making a few more flowers for the side of my box - you can't have too many can you!!?

Yesterday I started getting the pages of my book together, and I am hoping to have it finished by the weekend. Unfortunately my plans were not helped by my cat Billy, who decided to eat part of it while I was out of the room! I am not sure if it means he loves it so much he could eat it up! Luckily he really only chewed the edges of bits that I was cutting down to stitck to other pages anyway - if you find a hole in one of the pages though I am afraid that was him.

One other exciting event of the week I also have to mention is a visit to the Foundling Museum. I had permission from the Director to look at one of the tokens that are normally kept under glass, "in the flesh" as it were. Although I have seen many of the tokens in the archives up close, I think this was a very special moment as the tokens at the museum seem so unobtainable and yet there it was so fragile, so poignant, so full of secrets. I am probably one of only a very few people who have now seen both sides of the token (and it is not quite the same at the back). My findings will go into the book I am co-authoring on the subject of foundling tokens and possibly in an exhibition at the museum next spring, but I have to say that the moment I saw it out of its protective covering was truely awesome. And it all started with an EAST project.

Above - two of the EAST banners for the EAST @ The Warner Textile Archive exhibition at the Knitting and Stitching shows (London/Harrogate), having their first airing.

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