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It's almost here!

Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Sat, October 03, 2009 16:57:42

The box is packed, the postcards are printed, the sketchbook is done, the banners are finished - the exhibition has been a while in the making but now there is no more to do (we hope), until set up day. Really looking forward to seeing it when I get up to Ally Pally on Friday, (plus Saturday and Sunday). The last time EAST were at the Knitting and Stitching Show, it was quite exhilarating talking to people and feeling really part of the whole event rather than just a visitor.

It's been a really busy week so far and I am also looking forward to starting on my new projects. Monday I tidied my workspace so I can actually get in my room, which had become a bit of a "dumping ground" while the last phases of the exhibition work were being put into place.

Only two days (paid) work this week and then Thursday went to the filming of the Antiques Roadshow at Greenwich. I had been offered a BBC pass (the only reason I went), which meant I could avoid the queueing outside and I only had to do the indoor queueing for the expert - I understand it can be three hours waiting outside! Unfortunately I was behind Fiona Bruce in a queue when they were filming so I may be in the background - trying to look the other way and avoid the camera. I took some needlework tools with me and found out one was worth a lot more than I thought and two were not actually needlework tools at all. It was interesting seeing behind the scenes, but it is a bit like a doctor's appointment - hours of waiting and then five minutes with the expert! Saw a lot of the well known experts from the show - and they and the behind the scenes staff must have a very hard day; I understand they start at about 8am, and don't finish until the last person is seen.

Then yesterday did a talk about Foundlings for the Friends of Coram at the London Metropolitan Archives - with Gill, my fellow researcher. A very interesting afternoon - and an interesting morning in the archives; tracking down some more useful information. Which I am hoping I may be able to use in my new EAST work.

Today had an enjoyable morning at Young Embroiderer's - Melinda teaching them about silk painting. The girls seemed to enjoy it so much we had trouble getting them out the door.

So now I'm hoping for a quiet day or two, catching breath so I will be ready for the show.

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