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Alexandra Palace - K&S Show

Warner ProjectPosted by Janette Mon, October 12, 2009 09:39:38

The time finally arrived and the EAST @ The Warner Textile Archive finally displayed at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, London. I spent three days at the show and it was really lovely to meet and talk to people about the exhibition and the archive. It was also nice to see so many friends come and visit the stand and be able to show them the work we seem to have talked about for so long.

Nearly all the time the show was in progress the stand seemed to be packed with visitors. Everyone was particularly interested to look at the sketchbooks that went with each piece of work.

Thursday and Friday we had plenty of textile students - we had some very good questions from them often interested in how the pieces were made but also wanting to know how we were inspired. It was also interesting to speak to so many teachers who seemed to also be inspired by the educational aspect of the exhibition.

We also met people that knew the archive, or knew Warners the company either first hand or through relatives. For some it was a nostalgia trip or a chance to talk about their family histories.

In between bouts of stewarding on the stand I was also able to visit the show and see some of the other exhibitions on display. I particularly enjoyed the Art of the Stitch, the Graduate Showcase, the Pfaff Art Embroidery and the Embroiderer's Guild Scholars (Lee Mattocks and Jill Flower). There were also exhibitions by Louise Baldwin, Janice Gunner, Dionne Swift, Fusion, Cindy Hickok, Tom Lundberg to name but a few, and a very interesting exhibition by Alice Kettle and ceramicists Helen Felcey and Alix McErlain. Also on display was some very interesting knitting, including a full size boat!

On the shopping front, I was quite restrained; I did spend a little money but my only real impulse buy was Frances Pickering's new book "Page After Page", which is just a delight to look at and a reminder of past workshops with Frances. To view her work - www.frannyp.co.uk.

Susan and Melinda at the end of a long day, but still smiling!

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