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miscellaneousPosted by Felicity Mon, May 09, 2016 17:49:51

Inspiration, how do you get it? Words flood into my mind… nature around me, exhibitions of other artists, pictures in magazines, photographs, personal experiences, feelings, materials collected, found objects, workshops, and experimentation. I could go on…ideas accumulate, swirling, intertwining, knitting together to be used one day, or not… I often have the problem of having too many ideas and then deciding which direction to take.

However, something that I came across recently that I was told about by someone at University College Suffolk called ‘Pop My Mind’ caught my interest …

On their website this is how they describe the idea…

Get Inspired

Explore Pop My Mind for creative content and seeded themes to spark your next artistic idea.

Get Creative

Create and upload images, video, audio or text in response to content that you find interesting.

Get Popped

Your creativity earns a POP each time it inspires the creation of a new piece of content.

Watch your creativity trigger dynamic new content throughout the community.

I thought it an original idea and decided I’d give it a try. Responding to a painting called ‘Wave’ by Sarah Tappenden I used fabric with some applique, beading, couching and hand stitching to make my textile piece.

‘Wave’ by Sarah Tappenden inspired by the emotion joy.

And my response…


Take a look and see if you are inspired to respond. http://www.popmymind.com/howdoesitwork

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